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The supply of Pirelli racing tyres for the UK Hillclimb and Sprint market has been suspended. Further information will be posted here when available.

The tyres used for hillclimbing need to offer instant performance, with the accent on a rapid warm-up so that they can be immediately up to temperature on the short courses that make up a typical event. Not only that, but the tyres also have to deal with extreme cornering on many different types of surface, from fresh asphalt to broken-up and bumpy roads, as well as temperatures that are frequently quite low.

In its unique position as Ultra High Performance tyre world leader, Pirelli relies on technology transfer from Formula 1 and rallying to create a hillclimb tyre that has already shown its impressive capabilities at the very pinnacle of the sport. Pirelli hillclimb tyres come in two versions: Slick P Zero (soft, super soft and ultra soft) and Wet Weather Cinturato.

In the latter part of the 2018 season these tyres were evaluated by CCC Racing and SBD Motorsport. Both teams were impressed by both the performance and wear characteristics of the tyres and were able to set new British Sprint class records by significant margins.

These tyres are also suitable for a number of UK Club racing series where tyre choice is free.

Sizes and compounds

Download the 2018 Pirelli Hillclimb brochure.

Note: The stage length and cold pressure guidelines apply to the longer European hillclimbs. For guidance relevant UK venues please call to discuss.